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Legion's Apache Princess "Patchy" caught her first hog on the 23rd of December 2000. Her owner is Chris, here is some details about the catch.------

We had a 80lb hog that we cut loose west of town. We let my aussie herd it back to us. Then let my buddies dog look at it then.........We got out the QUEEN of destruction! We let Patchy loose and she hit the thing like a train! AWESOME sight. She had a whole mouth full of hog and there was no letting go.I.E. a full bite. She was trying to kill the damn thing. I legged it and Melen pulled patchy off (HAHA LOL!!) Well after the catch, I stuck and bled the critter(USMC K-BAR). We field dressed it and took it home for COOKIN!. But while skinnin the critter we did a damage assement of the bite area. Damn! she almost broke its neck. All in all way cool. No doubt Patchy WILL get a CD1 soon.

We will soon have more pics of her working. As soon as Chris gets them to us. Happy Hog hunting