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Legion's Mistress Minerva has earned her Sch BH, OB1 and CGC -- See her at The Warhammer AB's Page

Legion's Patchy has just caught her first hog -- Click to find out more.



Offspring Pics

Legion's Mistress Minerva "Minnie" is out of Bonnie and Cyber. Owned by Joy and Richard. She is on her way to a BST and a SchH 1 title, here she was completing a "hold and bark", currently she is being training in tracking, protection and obedience plus she is a great pet. Also Look for here up comming 1/2 brother (Mojo) who looks to be a promising addition to their family. 

Legion's Big Bad Mojo Daddy is one Bad Ass Dog. He shows unbelieveable strength and courage. His Work towards the BST is awesome, with his handlers diligence and strive he will be a #1 contender among the rest and soon will be renown. 



Legion's Rocky having fun with Don and doing a little hang Time. R.I.P.



Legion's Apache Warrior out of Cyrix and Cyber. Owned by Michael of Texas


Legion's General Motors "Chevy" out of Cyber and Pentium. Owned by Matt and Kristin of California.



Legion's Bad Taz "Taz" out of Cyber and Pentium. Owned by Tony



Legion's Issaiha is out of Cyber and Pentium. Owned by George and Monica of California



Legion's Pimp Daddy Hoss is out Cyrix and Cyber. This pup is 92 pounds at 8 months. WOW!! Owned by Greg and Cynthia.



Having fun at the Arba Show in California, November 1999. 

Legion's Cyber Angel is out of Pentium and Cyber. Owned by Fran and George.